sreda, 21. julij 2010

...prizadeto almost every day...

The warm summer days took Prizadeto ekipo around the country for some skateboarding, cultural inspiration or just some beers and barbecue...Since our best and most expensive digital camera in the whole world  has 128 mB (that's right bitch, it's the biggest memory card ever made), I don't have to download pictures everyday. So here it is, retrospective of this month ... quarter opening barbecue, chillin' on fish's garden, seaside trip, Lele's exhibition in Pekmez gallery, sklab fest...of course this isn't all, but the best and most expensive digital equipment in the whole world is very heavy and big, so we don't carry it around every day...

I know we are having too much fun, should we be ashamed???

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  1. Good times!
    Pozdrav iz Škofje Loke