Exhibition Prizadeto.01

17.12.2010 - 21.1.2011
DZMT Trzin
The reasons why Prizadeto obmocje actually exists is on this page. Boredom of a cold January day brought us together and threw us into a project on the interwebs, which was aimed at creating in the real world.. Our first group exhibition happened just 11 months after the start of the blog in Dzmt Trzin.

We don't have photos of the exhibition, but we managed to shoot some at the opening. Surprisingly a lot of people turned up, considering it was snowing heavy outside. But it seemed like everyone was there, from pioneer snowboarders, skateboarders to local gangsters, and all the artists in between. The party was a real madness, one of those you remember forever, even though you don't really remember what happened, if you know what I mean.

Thanks to everyone that came, and for those of you that missed it, it will happen again for sure one day. Because we had too much fun making it.